Mar 9, 2008

My Mother Make Me Man

Mar 9, 2008
I am yash sharing my experience with you all. My family consists of 3 members. Myself and my parents. My father is a police officer and my mom is a housewife. I am studying CSE in Bangalore as I got the seat there. My parents stay in Hyderabad and my mom use to come to see me once in a month. My father rarely comes to see me as he is busy on his duty. I will be waiting for the day when my mom comes to see me. She spends 2 days with me. After she returns back to Hyderabad and me back into my studies. Everything was normal till I started going to internet. I use to go to internet to see only the adult photos and the related stuff. One day I read the incest story of son and Mother. First I felt bad for reading such a story. I was unable to concentrate on my studies. But as days passed I got interested in reading those incest stories. My attitude gradually changed towards my mom. Now I was thinking only about my mom. I used to masturbate thinking about her. I used to spend the days to see my mom. Now I will say you about my mom.Her name is Swetha. She was 5.6 inches in height and 68 kgs in weight. Her hair black in color and length up to her butts. She has the perfect figure of 38-32-36 and overall she was fair in complexion. I used to do what ever she asked me to do when she comes to see me. I want to make her happy from my side. I don’t want to argue with her. I used to take her to all the places I know. She feels very happy when I took her around the city. But this time when she was going to Hyderabad she hugged me before she was leaving. I couldn’t understand anything except that she was happy. I was happy that I got a hug from my beautiful mom. After my 6th semester I got one month holidays to go home. I was very happy that I got an opportunity to see my mom for one month. I went home and knocked the door. Mom has opened the door and hugged me in happiness after seeing me. She kept on talking about all the things with me with out a stop. My father came at 8 PM and asked the reason for my sudden visit. I said the reason and wished him. We had our dinner and talked for some time and went to bed.I wanted my mom to be in bed with me with all her approval. I thought of using my one month holidays to make things better for me. I use to help my mom in all the house hold activities. I use to observe her body in all the directions possible. I forgot to say you one thing. My mom wears only saris. So I can have the side view of her breasts. They are very firm. During the first ten days of my holidays I observed only one thing that my parents use to talk very rarely. As every lady would expect her husband to take care of her. But this is not the case with my parents.My dad would come home tired from days work so he doesn’t take care about my mom and Mom never disturbed him as he was tired of days work. So the next day I asked my mom about it. She kept silent for some time and asked me to leave the topic. I don’t want to force her about it. I left her alone and came out of kitchen. At night I asked her about it again. She said she will say tomorrow morning and said goodnight and left the room. I was thinking about the reason for the whole night.Next morning after my dad left on duty I asked her the reason. Then the words came out of her mouth. She said that my dad married another woman who is working with him and started crying. I consoled her and asked her how she knows. She said that the car driver has said to her. She also said that your dad is coming home as I was at home. Otherwise he would come once in a week. I felt sorry for my mom. My mom said me not to ask my dad about this matter. She only said one thing while I was leaving the room.She asked me to complete the studies as soon as possible and get a good job and take her from this house. I went near the bed where she sat and took her face in my arms and wiped her tears and said I will do it as soon as possible. She kept her hands around my waist and hugged me for some time and she was back to her normal state. After this incident my mom started to Move more closely with me. I used to hug her from behind and use to talk to her. She felt happy talking To me all the day long.I used to take her to shopping when she wanted till my holidays are completed. Now-a-days she became my best friend. And the day came finally for me to attend the classes. She again remembered me about finishing the studies and the necessity to get the job. My dad has said good bye and left on his duty. When I was about to leave I asked my mom to bless me and bend down to touch her feet. After getting up she kissed me on my fore head and hugged me tightly. I could feel her breasts against my chest. I also hugged her tightly as it was an open chance to feel my mom’s body.I went to college but could not concentrate on studies for one week. I was only thinking about my mom. I was waiting for her visit. For the first time I went to railway station to receive her. She smiled at me by seeing me. I went and hugged her and asked her how she is? From there we went to our room where I was staying. She asked me about my studies. I said every thing was going fine. She went to bathroom to freshen her-self. After sometime she came out of the bathroom and was combing her hair and I went and hugged her from back and started talking.I asked her to stay with me with out going back to Hyderabad. She just smiled and said that your dad may not agree. I said that I will ask him as the food in the mess is not nice. She said ok and told to ask my dad the next day. I went outside to get the breakfast and by the time I came back she was washing my clothes. I got angry on my mom and shouted at her for washing the clothes. I am not asking you to stay here to wash my clothes and do some other work of mine. I want you to be here happily with me by forgetting all the things that happened in Hyderabad. Then my mom promised me that she won’t do any work until I ask her.The next day morning I asked my dad about mom staying with me in Bangalore. He asked the necessity of her staying with me. I said that the mess is not nice now-a-days. Finally he agreed about mom staying with me because he can stay happily with out any disturbance with his second wife. I felt very happy that my mom was staying with me. Dad has asked me and mom to come to Hyderabad and take the necessities wanted. I said that we will come in two days. I went home to say about this matter to my mom. She too felt happy by hearing this news.Now I have to search for a separate house to stay with my mom as there are friends staying with me in the present room. Finally after two days of searching I got an individual house to stay with my mom. She too liked the house. Now we both went to Hyderabad to get the necessary goods required for the new house. We returned back to Bangalore with in 3 days. I feel like I am starting a new life with my mom. Every thing was arranged in the new house with all the furniture we bought from Hyderabad.I never saw mom as happy as she was now. I can see her happiness in her face and with the energy she does her house hold activities. I use to hug her from back as she was working in the kitchen. I use to talk to her till she finishes her work. I use to talk about all the matters with her. When I used to go to college she will be busy with her house hold activities. I asked her to keep an assistant to help her in house hold activities but she refused to have an assistant. She waits for me till I return from college. I used to take her outside on Saturday and Sunday as I was free on those days. I use to take her to all the important places to spend the time.I used to take her on my bike. I love to take her on bike because I can feel her breasts against my back. By the time I finished my 7th semester dad has come only once in 6 months to see us. He was there for 2 days and left to Hyderabad. I have one month holidays after my 7th semester exams. So I planned to take mom for a small trip to Goa. I asked her and she agreed. I planned for a trip of 15 days. We booked a cottage near by the beach.Next day morning by the time I woke up she was seeing through the window. I went and hugged her from behind and asked what she was seeing. I think she might be seeing an American couple kissing. She said nothing. I asked her to get ready to go around and see the beautiful places and kissed her lightly on her cheeks. After 30 minutes we are out of our cottage. My mom was dressed beautifully. Every one is watching my mom as we are moving on the roads. We had our lunch in one of the restaurants. While having our lunch I said my mom that she was looking beautiful in that sari. She just smiled and said what I want for making her so happy with this trip. I said a hug from my beautiful mom.She said it is not possible as every one are around. I said when no one is around us. She said ok. After finishing our lunch we are going out of the restaurant in a lift. No one was around us so I asked mom to give her a hug now. With out listening to her response I hugged her. Her breasts are crushing against my chest. But with in few seconds I have to set her free as we reached the ground floor. I thanked mom for giving me a hug. She said you can have a hug when ever I wanted. I was very happy after hearing those words. After seeing some places we went to our cottage at 6pm. As soon as I entered the room I caught hold of her hand and pulled her towards me and hugged her again. She said don’t be so crazy I am your mom. I said but you are beautiful woman mom. I LOVE YOU as a woman and as mom I respect you. She said now-a-days you are talking too much. She said these words and went to bathroom to fresh herself. After she came from the bathroom she asked me too to fresh up. By the time I came out of the bathroom she was changing her sari. I could see her from the mirror from where she could not notice me. I said I will get the dinner to the room and went outside by kissing her on the cheeks. I am not bothering about how she feels. At 9pm I came back to room with the dinner. She got little angry on me for being late. She had her dinner and wished me goodnight and went to sleep. All the 15 days passed happily in Gao. I made it a habit of kissing mom when ever I wanted. She didn’t oppose doing it. So I use to kiss her on her cheeks and used to hug her very often. We went back to Bangalore after 15 days.Days passed it became common from me to hug my mom and kiss her. I used to kiss her in the morning when I was about to go to college. Hug her when I returned from the college. Now-a-days she uses to buy her under garments when I was present. This means she was considering me as a friend than a son. One day I bought flowers for her when returning from college and gave it to her. She was looking more and more beautiful with those flowers. I went and hugged her and said you are looking sex with these flowers mom. She said you don’t know how to talk to your mom and slapped me slightly.She went to kitchen to prepare for dinner. I went after her and hugged her from behind and kissed her on her shoulders. I asked mom whether there is any necessity of having mangala sutra on the neck. She said may not be necessary. I asked why you don’t remove it. She turned towards me and said you want me to remove it. By this time my hands were on her butts. I said yes and kissed her on the cheeks by pulling her closer to me. She asked me to remove it with my hands. I removed it and gave it to her hands. She kept it a side and asked are you happy now. I said yes and pulled her more closely towards me and hugged her. She kissed on my chest which was unusual. When I was about to sleep she knocked my door and came inside and said that she wants to sleep beside me tonight. I was more than happy and asked her to close the door and come. She came and slept beside me. She was showing her back to me. She was inviting me with the flowers in the hair. I went closer to her and kept my hand on her. She pulled me closer towards her and kept my hand crossed her breasts. Next day morning by the time I Woke up she was still sleeping by the side of me. I woke her up as it was time for me to go to the College. She just gave me a sweet smile and said every thing will be ready in one hour.I went to college and was thinking only about my mom and the incidents taken place last night. When I was going to college mom asked me to bring the flowers when I return from college. I went back home regularly and every thing was normal till the time came to sleep. Mom came to my room and she was looking most beautiful to me. She came to my bed where I was sitting and ran fingers through my hair and placed my head on her breasts and pressed towards her breasts. There are no words to explain the feeling and the softness of her breasts. I too caught hold of her by placing my hands around her butts. After some time she released me from her hug and started to leave the room.I caught hold of her sari end and stopped her and asked her to stay in my room to night. She didn’t say anything. I went near her and hugged her from back, smelled the flowers and kissed her on the neck. She turned towards me. I looked deep in to her eyes and kissed her gently on the lips. She didn’t say any thing. I continued kissing her.I inserted my tongue in to her mouth and she let it into her mouth. We tasted our saliva. I took her near the bed and pushed her on the bed and started to kiss her all over the body from head to toe. I removed the loose end of the sari and kissed her on the breasts. Slowly we removed our clothes and were nude before each other. She was surprised to see the size of my cock. She guided it towards her pussy. First I inserted it slowly and increased the rhythm. I sucked her beautiful breasts one after the other. She ran fingers through my hair when I was sucking her breasts. I kissed and sucked her belly button for around 15 minutes. She was moaning loudly due to the pleasure she is feeling. I closed her lips with mine to reduce the sound. Finally I collapsed on her.Next day morning every thing was normal. We behaved as if nothing as taken place between us. Next day when I returned from college she opened the door. As soon as I entered the house she kissed me on my lips. She said I need you every day and kissed me on my lips. We kissed for 15 minutes by leaning on the wall. I removed all her clothes and lifted her in my arms and placed her on the dining table. She removed my pant and underwear and pulled me on to the table. I sucked her all over the body. I even bite her on the breasts. After love making we laid on the dining table. She woke me up after half an hour and asked me to go inside the bedroom and take rest.I walked into the bedroom naked and slept on the bed. I woke up at 9pm and came out of the room and my eyes are searching for my mom. I saw her preparing dinner. I went near her and she turned towards me and we greeted each other by kissing on the lips. She said me to wait for 5 minutes for dinner. I said ok and went to watch the TV. She called me after 10 minutes for dinner. I went near the dining table and my plate is ready with all my favorite food items. After having my dinner I thanked her for making all the dishes I liked.She said it’s my duty to keep you happy and bend down her head in shy. I liked the words that came out of her mouth. She was busy in cleaning the kitchen. I went behind her and lifted her in my arms and walked towards the bedroom. On the way she said that she has work to do in the kitchen. I said every thing can be done tomorrow. By hearing my words she laughed and said you are too crazy. I said yes and laid her on the bed and removed her dress. She removed my t-shirt and shot. She was surprised to see my cock in every ready position.I asked her not to wear the under garments when I was at home. She smiled and pulled me on her. She asked me which parts I liked her in her body. I said from head to toe I like each and every inch of your body. She asked me in particular. I said your firm breasts and the beautiful butts when you walk. I said I also like your eyes and kissed her on the eyes. I asked her why her breasts are so firm. She said they are hardly used by my father and asked me to suck them. I took one nipple in my mouth and Started sucking it and with one hand I am caressing the other breast. After sometime I took the other nipple in my mouth and sucked it. Slowly I went down her beautiful valley. I asked her to keep her legs apart and kissed her on the pussy. I started licking it with my tongue. She was moaning loudly. I inserted my tongue in to her pussy as much as I can. She liked each and every minute of my love making. After some time she took my pennis in her hand and bite the tip of it and sucked it for some time and guided it towards her pussy. After love making we slept side by side.she was placing her head on my chest and with one hand she was rubbing my pennis over the blanket. She said your dad has never fucked me like this even in the earlier days of her marriage. After talking for some time we went to sleep. Next day morning my mom woke me up at 11 am with a sweet kiss. I asked her why she didn’t wake me up in the morning as I have to go to college. She said that I was tired last night so she didn’t wake me up. I said I am ready again to make love with you. She smiled and said no love making till night and asked me to get ready to have coffee.I got ready and went to have coffee and went to college to attend the afternoon classes. While I was leaving for college she asked me to come earlier. I said ok and left to college. I returned home at 6pm and knocked the door. There was no reply. I opened the door with the key I have and went inside and closed the door. I called for my mom. There was no reply. I checked all the rooms in the house. I couldn’t find her. There was a letter on the table stating that she has gone for temple. So I too went to the temple to pick her up from temple.She was busy praying. I went near her and called her. She didn’t reply. After sometime she opened her eyes and smiled at me. She kept some kum kum between my eye brows and asked to pray. I did as she said. We sat there for some time and started talking. She was looking beautiful with the flowers in the hair and kum kum between her eyebrows. I said in her ears that she was looking sexy with those flowers and kumkum between her eyebrows. She said not to do anything mischief till we leave the temple premises. I said that I will try not to do.After some time we came to the slipper stand to wear our slippers. No one was there except a small girl and she was busy playing with the sand. Mom has bent down to wear the slippers. I was behind her. As no one is was around us I pressed her left breast. She got little angry for doing that as some one could see us. I said no one was there. She said ok and went home. On the way she was sitting close to me so that I can feel her breasts on my back. On the way I stopped at flowers shop. She asked the necessity of flowers as she is already having them in her hair. I said I need to see you with more flowers.I took some more flowers and went home. As soon as we entered the home I asked her to keep the flowers I bought for her in the hair. She kept them in the hair. I said mom flowers add beauty to you and kissed her on the neck. She pushed me back and walked towards the bedroom. Her butts are moving in rhythm as she is walking and they are inviting me to bite them. I followed her to the bedroom. She sat on the edge of the bed and threw her loose end of the sari aside and raised her hands and invited me. She was looking so sexy. Her breasts moving with the breath she is taking and her beautiful navel. More beauty is added with all those flowers in the hair. I went near her. She can see the bulge in my jeans pant. She bite my pennis over the jeans pant and started to remove the belt. She loosened my pant and was about to remove. I caught hold of her hand to stop it. I bend down on my knees and kissed her gently on the lips. I kissed her on the neck and moved down towards her breasts. I pushed her on the bed and went on top of her. I could see the hardness of her nipples as she hasn’t worn a bra. I sucked her nipples over the blouse. She pushed me on to other side of the bed and came on top of me. She was placing her butts on my pennis and removing my shirt buttons. She took both my hands and placed them on her breasts and pressed them. Then she took off my shirt and throwed it aside and started to kiss me. She started kissing me from my forehead, eyes, cheeks and she took my lower lip in her mouth and started to suck it. She even took it between her teeth and bite it.She kissed and sucked my nipples and moved towards the navel and kissed it. She removed my pant and kept her hands in the underwear and played with my pennis. After some time she removed my underwear and my tool was seeing the ceiling of the room. She stood up and removed her clothes by herself with out allowing me to remove them. She wants me to observe her while she was removing her clothes. I watched her while she was removing her clothes. She removed the flowers from her hair and throwed it on me and loosed her hair and came over me. She sat on my pennis and inserted it into her pussy and started to move up and down. After sometime I made her lay down and I was on top of her. I started to increase the pressure on her. She was holding me tightly. She was biting me on my shoulders. After some time I cum in her pussy and lay on top of her. Till now whenever we made love making I use to remove my pennis from her pussy when it is ready to cum. But this time she didn’t ask me to remove it.At 10pm I woke up and was searching for my mom in the bedroom. I am hearing the sound of the TV. So I walked out of the room to see her. She was watching TV. I went and sat beside her. I laid my head on her shoulder and watching TV. I covered my naked body i.e., my pennis with the loose end of her sari. She asked me what the need to cover it. I said simply. She kept her hand on my pennis and rubbing it. I asked her for something to eat as I was feeling hungry.She went to kitchen to bring some thing to eat. I went to bedroom to get the towel to wrap around my waist. By the time she bought something to eat I was back in my position in the sofa. She gave the eatable to eat and sat beside me. I asked her whether she ate anything. She said yes and started watching TV. After eating I went into kitchen to keep the place and wash my hands. When I was washing my hands two hands came between my arms and hugged me from behind. She was my mom. I turned back and she hugged me with all her energy. I asked her what happened. She said that my dad has phoned that he is coming tomorrow. So she said there may not be an opportunity for 2 days. I said her that even dad is there I am going to make love with you. She asked me how? I closed her mouth with my lips. I took her to bedroom and had another session of love making before morning. Next time I will say you how I made love with my mom when my dad was present in the house.Till now I have one doubt to ask my mom. How could she sleep with her own son? As you know I was having the attitude of sleeping with mom due to the stories I read on the net. This is the question I will ask my mom one day. If you have any suggestions you can write me at stories


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